Yes, Mathrika Dairy delivers farm fresh milk and is delivered within few hours of milking, we maintain cold chain from milking to delivery that retains the goodness and freshness of the milk.

Adulteration happens when something is deliberately added to the milk. Mathrika Dairy ensures nothing is ever added to the milk nor removed. We make sure are milk is always adulteration-free. Also, throughout the journey, milk travels in safe, sanitized cold chain in tamper proof glass bottle packaging which preserves the freshness of the milk till your doorsteps.

Mathrika Dairy is strictly against the use of Oxytocin or any other form of hormones within our farmers ,our policy of zero tolerance towards usage of hormones makes the milk free of hormones.

Mathrika Dairy takes utmost care of the health of the cows of our farmers . In a rare case of the cow needing antibiotic treatment due to an ailment, such cows are kept separate and the milk is never mixed with the regular, good milk. Only after the ailing cow has completely recovered, their milk is tested to ensure that there are no traces of the antibiotics and only then is their milk considered as good milk to be provided to our customers.

We test the milk in FSSAI authorized laboratory on a regular basis. We also test our milk everyday after milking . We test the milk for any adulterants , water content, fat and SNF.

Our milk contains no preservative and hence we request you to boil as soon as you receive it. Once boiled the milk will last for more than 2 days in refrigeration.

To identifiy a milk for A1 & A2 is only possible by a DNA test which we haven’t done , however the milk are from native breed of cows and cross breed cows. High breed cows don’t suit our weather conditions.

You can always pause your delivery in between and continue.

Your milk will be delivered anytime between 5.00am and 7.00am.

Your milk is delivered 7 days a week, 365 days a year, between 5:00 am to 7:00 am, unless there is an exceptional emergency situation. In such an event, Mathrika Dairy will intimate the subscribes in advance via SMS or an email communication.

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