Farm Fresh / Pasteurized Cows Milk

Simply natural is what Mathrika Dairy milk is all about. With no hormones, pesticides, preservatives, antibiotic free and no artificial flavours in our milk. We pasteurize our milk to the minimum temperature to retain the most nutrients. We milk fresh from our farmers every single day. It's packaged and delivered to your doorstep.

Untouched By Human Hand | Hormones & Antioboitic Free

Pasteurized Cows Milk | Grass Fed | Delivered Everyday

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Cow Care

At Mathrika Dairy, we center upon the practice of good dairy husbandry at our farmers farms. Our farms are all clean and hygienic...

Cow Breed

Mathrika Dairy’s cows come from the indigenous / Desi / Desi cross breed of cattle. The cows are nutritionally superior...

Food Safety

At Mathrika Dairy we adhere to strict food safety regulations by FSSAI and maintain clean, safe facilities. Equipment is washed...

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